My student evaluations have been consistently excellent throughout my career. The following comments are a sample of what my students have had to say about me over the last ten years. Evaluations are anonymous and the results are given to professors after the term has been completed.

"There is a quote from the beginning of the quarter Instructor McNickle had stated that I won’t forget. "There is no such thing as too much math". We use every minute of our time in this class."
"She has helped me understand concepts that I would have struggled with before."
"She is really great at explaining concepts."
"I’ve finally been able to understand math in this class."
"Melissa has made the world of difference! I have taken this course two different times with two different professors, whom were not invested in our learning. My professor Melissa has made this course what it should be, she is the very best math professor here! She cares about each and every one of her students, she never skips steps, and she takes time to answer our questions without making us feel stupid. Melissa is why I am loving math!"
"Because Melissa is so dedicated and concerned for each of us, I am going to pass!!"
"Melissa has taught me how to think outside the box, especially with word problems."
"I’ve learned more from this instructor than any other instructor at this school."
"The instructor was great!"
"Great professor."
"The way Melissa teaches is very good. She has ways of helping her students remember what they just did."
"Our professor is so incredibly clear and that has helped me to learn so much."
"The explanations of the material were well explained and easy to learn."
"The professor makes sure that every student learns step by step."
"She honestly does an amazing job teaching math. I really enjoy her. The most valuable experience in this course is having a professor who is patient and cares that the students understand the material."
"She explains what she wants from us in a clear manner and helps us when we are stuck on a math problem."
"Melissa is always willing to help her students."
"I value having a professor who takes the time to teach her students at a slow pace and also records lectures and puts them up on Canvas."
"I understand how to read word problems now!"
"With her help I discovered that I’m smarter than I thought."
"I had taken this course with another instructor and he was confusing. McNickle has made this so much easier and now I know more than I did before."
"She teaches math very well."
"Melissa is a great instructor and really took the extra time to help me learn this material."
"She made me understand math very well."
"Melissa gave me a great foundation to grow on and she made math more fun."
"Melissa helped me learn things I've forgotten how to do."
"She helped me to understand a lot of math material in a short amount of time."
"I think Melissa is doing an amazing job. I finally understand this course. I feel like she takes her time to explain everything thoroughly and doesn't rush it like my high school teachers."
"One of the best math teachers in the math department. If not the best. She knows how to explain the math problems and makes it as easy as possible to comprehend. She has made it a breeze to learn the content in this course."
"She can teach these courses like no other. She does it with enthusiasm and makes it so simple to understand every mark on the black board. "
"She is very patient with her students and is always willing to answer questions. She makes me feel comfortable when I need to ask a question or I don’t understand the material."
"You can tell Melissa enjoys teaching the class."
"Melissa is the most enthusiastic person in the class!"
"Melissa makes me want to come to class everyday. I also like how she laughs at her own jokes."
"Professor McNickle made this class much more enjoyable than I expected."
"Her class really has made me more into a critical thinker, and feel smarter. Good vibes."
"Melissa does an incredible job of explaining everything clearly in this course."
"I have never been very good at math, but I am really comprehending the material in the way she teaches...Melissa...wants her students to succeed."
"I have never had a teacher so truly involved and concerned with the success of her students for her class. I believe she is teaching for the right reasons and commend her for her dedication to her job, as she does an incredible job at it."
"She clearly knows the subject very well and helps the class understand the material, often times in fun ways. She is wonderfully funny too and has a good sense of humor, especially when it relates to math."
"Professor is very clear and she breaks everything down step by step and doesn’t move on until we get the concept. She is also very good at reading body language so if some students look confused she explains it a different way. She also gives explanations to methods that are taken for granted, which helps in grasping the concept."
"I love how she takes her time and explains how to do every problem and every lesson until one understands it."
"I don’t personally like math as a subject, but Melissa McNickle is the best professor I’ve ever had the pleasure of being taught by."
"This is the best math instructor at this school. Hands down."
"It has been an awesome class. The lectures are well explained and she is good at teaching."
"The class has been incredibly beneficial to me. I feel I better understand many aspects of math now that I didn’t going into the class. I’m honestly shocked at how much I’ve learned and come to understand."
"Melissa McNickle is an excellent instructor!!!!"
"She is the best math teacher I have ever had. Math is a difficult subject for me, but she explains things in such a straightforward way that they become easier to understand. Many teachers go in circles to get to the solution, but she lays out the steps nicely."
"This class has given me the confidence in math. Melissa put just enough constant pressure on us students that we were able to take in the information and challenge our self without self doubt. The material in the class was planned out and I was never lost when presented with new information."
"The instructor helped me to finally understand the material."
"Best math teacher I have ever had."
"One of the most organized teachers I have had so far."
"Melissa made this course understandable for me. I don't usually do well in math classes but she makes sure we understand before going forward and it has made my test scores better than normal.
"It’s always fun to have great teachers that enjoy teaching. Instructor McNickle always come very enthusiastic to class every morning to teach us something new."
"I just like how Instructor McNickle tries her best for us (students) to understand what is being taught."
"I find her to be one of the best math teachers so far and she made me excited to learn math."
"The professor was great and gave great lectures."
"I have benefited from this class because she really clarified anything that past professors/teachers have never been able to clarify."
"Her teaching was better than most professors I’ve had. I’ve learned more in this math class than in all of my high school classes combined."
"Math has been easier to understand because of the way she explains the material."
"I have a thorough understanding of algebra thanks to Professor McNickle."
"Melissa goes above and beyond to make sure every student understands the material...The best math teacher I have ever had and that’s saying something because I’m 26 years old and have had plenty of math teachers."
"I like how Ms. McNickle goes through proofs of how math works. She makes it easier to understand the material and puts it in terms that you should understand better. It’s been beneficial because I feel like I have actually learned math."
"She is really organized and stays on topic."
"Her lectures are one of the best I’ve had in all my previous classes I’ve taken"
"She makes a few funny jokes. Her personality is enjoyable. She’s not monotone which makes her class enjoyable."
"McNickle makes sure that every student understands what we are learning before moving on in the lesson. And offers help on questions we have about homework in class."
"If you ever have any questions she is always right there to help you."
"She takes her time to explain things and is easy to follow."
"She explains really well and is always willing to help when confused."
"After being in school for awhile now, I was happy to find a teacher who seemed to enjoy teaching the material."
"The professor teaches well, the time in class is used really well."
"She helped me understand math a lot better than my other math classes."
"Everything she teaches is easy to follow."
"The class has benefited me tremendously. Professor McNickle explains every scenario we might come by while doing the problems. I find it particularly helpful when she gives us more than one way for doing a problem."
"This class has been very beneficial to me because the instructor helps me understand the math when I have a question or problem. I also ask questions during lecture and she answers them in a way where I can understand them clearly."
"She has done a good job and the class is good. "
"This is one of the best math classes I have taken at this college."
"She teaches a good class and I learned plenty of things in the class."
"She clearly loves math and everything to do with it. She gets very enthusiastic about the course and sometimes goes on math tangents."
"She makes the class fun."
"I can tell she LOVES math and LOVES teaching, her passion and enthusiasm have made me enjoy math more than I ever have."
"One of my favorite math teachers of my educational career!"
"She is the best teacher I have had in college. She makes it fun and does a great job teaching even though keeps us all class."

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