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Know the Why Background is Important

Knowing where math comes from is important. Comprehensive knowledge of the concepts helps you to learn and retain the material. You can rely on The Math Translator to give you the full story and make it easy to understand in the process.

Learn the How Clear and Thorough Video Instruction

Once you know the why, the how becomes much easier to learn. Thorough explanations provide the basis for quality learning in mathematics. The Math Translator's instruction is clear, concise, and can be viewed over and over again until you truly “get it”.  

Do the Math Develop Confidence in Your Skills

Now that you know the why and how, it’s time to do the math! The video content on this site covers concepts in a step-by-step fashion to help you develop a solid foundation in your math skills, which in turn helps build your confidence in your ability to do math.

A Professor with 20+ Years of Teaching Experience

For some, math is a breeze requiring little effort. For others, it can be quite challenging. That’s where online math instruction from The Math Translator comes in. My high-quality instructional videos can be used by anyone taking a math class or any child being homeschooled. The videos are easy to understand and provide a low-cost option for quality instruction in mathematics.

  • Comprehensive instruction provides a solid foundation in math concepts

  • Clear and thorough explanations that help build math skills and ease math anxiety

  • Companion lectures to the free, online OpenStax math books

  • Video explanations for every other odd homework problem in each book

  • Answer keys for the practice tests in each chapter to help support your learning

  • Affordable monthly subscription allows access to the entire video library database


"Math is a Language. Learn to Speak it With Me."

Melissa McNickle M.S. in Mathematics


Math Education That is Accessible to All The Math Translator Video Subscription is Beneficial for...

  • Students

    You thought you understood the concepts you learned in class, but now that you’re home you’re drawing a blank. Sound familiar? The Math Translator videos are the perfect complement to your in-class learning, providing step-by-step instructions to help you better understand math concepts and reduce math anxiety.

  • Teachers

    Videos are a perfect companion to textbook learning, but where do you find the time to create videos? I’ve solved that problem for you, creating a large database of videos that can be used as an adjunct to your classroom instruction or as a stand alone lecture resource for online classes using the OpenStax math textbooks.

  • Parents

    If you've chosen to homeschool your children or if you are looking for extra help for your child, you've come to the right place! The Math Translator provides a complete program for homeschooled children and a supportive tool for children attending brick and mortar schools. No matter which situation your child is in, they can benefit from The Math Translator videos and homework support to improve their math skills and, ultimately, their math grades.

  • Schools

    Site licenses and/or bulk individual subscriptions provide extra support for student learning and help to increase retention and success rates. A custom URL is created for each site license that allows any computer on campus to automatically login to The Math Translator video library.  Bulk individual subscriptions are available at a discount and allow students to access the videos while at home.