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Two options are offered for subscription – homeschool and public school individual subscriptions. If you’re a teacher that is interested in using The Math Translator videos in your courses, please reach out and request a Free Instructor Login and a coupon code for your students to receive a reduced monthly subscription rate.

Available Subscriptions

Homeschool Subscriptions $89 per Month

  • One subscription provides full access to all of The Math Translator courses so it may be used with multiple children in different courses

  • Each subscription provides one login and users may only be logged into one device at a time

  • Instruction accompanies the free online OpenStax™ math textbooks

  • Each course contains hundreds of hours of high-quality video instruction from a tenured math professor

  • Each course contains comprehensive course outline, calendar, and assessment resources

  • A complete program for homeschooled children in grades 7 - 12

Public School Subscriptions $ Variable Pricing*

  • A comprehensive lecture resource for instructors teaching online or hybrid courses

  • Free Instructor Logins available for instructors using the videos with their courses

  • Individual subscriptions available for college students at a reduced rate

  • Companion lectures to the free online OpenStax™ math textbooks

  • Video explanations for every other odd homework problem in each book

  • Full access to all of The Math Translator videos

  • Additional resources include written solutions manuals for the practice tests in each chapter of each book

*Current college students qualify for a reduced individual monthly subscription rate. Contact your instructor for a coupon code or email from a current college student email address and include a copy of your current student ID card and you will be sent a coupon code for a reduced rate.

Request a Free Instructor Login Please specify which courses you will be using The Math Translator videos in

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