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Two options are offered for subscription – individual and school licenses. If you’re a teacher or parent that would like to see your school adopt The Math Translator videos for its students, reach out to the school’s administration to encourage them to look into this valuable resource to support student learning in mathematics.

Available Subscriptions Currently, the completed courses include Prealgebra, Elementary Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra. College Algebra is currently in production.

Individual Subscription $49 per Month*

  • A complete program for homeschooled children

  • One subscription provides full access to all of The Math Translator courses

  • High-quality instruction from an experienced math professor

  • Instruction accompanies the free online OpenStax™ math textbooks

  • Homework support via video explanations for every other odd homework problem in each book

  • Comprehensive courses that provide a solid foundation and prepare students for college level math

  • One login per subscription, available on any platform

    (User may only be logged into 1 device at a time)

School Licenses Site license or Bulk Individual Subscriptions

  • Custom URL created for each site license that allows access to the video library from any computer on campus

  • Discount pricing for bulk individual subscriptions to be used by students at home

  • A comprehensive resource to support your classroom instruction

  • Free Instructor Logins available for instructors using the videos with their courses

  • Companion lectures to the free online OpenStax™ math textbooks

  • Video explanations for every other odd homework problem in each book

  • Full access to all of The Math Translator videos

*Current college students qualify for a reduced individual monthly subscription rate. Email from a current college student email address and include a copy of your current student ID card and you will be sent a coupon code for a reduced rate.

Request a Quote For a School License Please specify which type of school license you are interested in and you will be contacted soon with more information.

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