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The Math Translator offers courses ranging from Prealgebra to Precalculus. It is designed to be a comprehensive instructional tool for any math student.  If you're homeschooling, this service can be used as a complete program for your child.  In addition to the video instruction on this site, you will find suggested homework assignments and assessment keys to accompany the practice tests in each textbook.  If you're not homeschooling, these materials are an additional resource to support your learning. 

About the Textbooks Experts in their Field

The Math Translator courses utilize the OpenStax™ math textbooks.  OpenStax is a nonprofit educational initiative based at Rice University. The authors of the OpenStax textbooks are content experts in their field. The textbooks are peer-reviewed, openly licensed, 100% free, and available online. Their mission is clear: “OpenStax breaks down barriers to knowledge and education with its free, high-quality, openly licensed textbooks.”

Download a free copy of the textbooks here

About the Videos Created by a Tenured Math Professor

My mission as The Math Translator is in direct alignment with the OpenStax mission. I believe strongly in the value and importance of education and I know that high-quality instruction is a crucial component of learning mathematics. My courses provides full, comprehensive lectures that are companion to the OpenStax math textbooks.  In addition to this, I have recorded video explanations for every other odd homework problem in each book. Some people believe students won't sit and watch an hour long lecture video online.  This is not true!  Not only will students watch these videos, but they watch them over and over.  The ability to repeatedly view the instruction allows students to learn concepts that they missed the first time around.  It allows them to build their skills at a pace that is comfortable for them and this makes the process of learning a whole lot more fun!

About the Courses Comprehensive Instruction

The Math Translator courses take you back to the basics because learning math does not have to be complicated.  Each course is composed of three elements: comprehensive video lectures, homework support videos, and written answer keys for each practice test in the book.  The detailed topics lists give an overview of the content of each lecture as well as suggested homework exercises.  The answer keys for the Chapter 1 Practice Tests have been posted here; for the rest of the answer keys, please login. Please see the FAQs for the estimated completion dates of each book.

Learn to Speak Math

Video lectures and homework support for the OpenStax™ math books